About Us

The name 'NISARGA' meaning Nature reflects our company’s mission to produce100% pure, Natural products closest to its natural raw material. We manufacture a wide range of CO2 extracted essential oils, oleoresins & herbal extracts used in natural products industry such as Herbal Health Care, Body Care, Flavors, Fragrances and Aromatherapy as ingredients.

Our Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE) Technology has been developed in house. We have a DSIR registered R& D department and a product development centre. We help our clients in creating and developing new formulation as per their needs. Our sophisticated laboratories are well equipped with Hi-tech equipments like Gas Chromatography, High Performance Liquid Chromatography, Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy and a well equipped microbiology Lab.

90 % of our extracts, formulations and oils are being exported to USA, Europe, and South America to well known companies and brands since the beginning of operations in 2001.

Our headquarters & manufacturing facilities are located in Satara, about 250 Kilometers (150 miles) south of Mumbai, India.

Powerful extraction technology
Powerful extraction technology
We start with organic herbs grown on ECO-CERT, certified farm land in India ... that are extracted using a powerful chemical free CO2 extraction process and combined using formulations from a 3rd generation Ayurvedic physician.
Supercritical extraction using CO2 is an environmentally safe way to extract herbs without the use of harsh chemicals or damaging waste. It uses CO2 (the gas that plants turn into oxygen) to gently remove the powerful compounds found within the herbs.

Organic Farming
Our operation is truly sustainable, not only do we grow herbs and spices on our own certified organic farm but we have organized and educated the farmers all around us on organic and sustainable practices. The Nisarga Biotech Group has even paid the fees associated with getting the certification; this is an expense the farmers in that area could never have afforded on their own. We have also contracted with these farmers to grow and supply us with the herbs and spices necessary to maintain our supplies even through massive growth.

In this way we have full control of our products from soil to shelf, and everyone in the supply chain makes a fair profit for their efforts, while we work hard to minimize any negative environmental impact.

Social responsibility and Accountability
The Nisarga Biotech Group is certified by IMOswiss AG, under the  "for Life" program. For Life certification confirms that good working conditions are provided as expressed in the ILO conventions, such as absence of prohibited child labour, non-discrimination, good working conditions and remuneration, health and safety aspects and reasonable working hours. We commit to fair sourcing practices and responsibilities towards our primary producers down the commodity chain. We also confirm traceability of all certified products right from sourcing to sales.